With over 50 years in the construction industry, Breakell Inc. is pioneering new ways of working, communicating, and building.

Technological advances and new sustainable building practices are revolutionizing the construction industry. Breakell is taking the lead by being the first in our community to implement a sustainable and integrated approach to business.

Breakell is redefining the way that business is conducted throughout the building process.

We’re implementing sustainability features in every aspect of our business – from corporate offices to worksites.
Reducing waste is better business – which benefits all stakeholders in our construction process. Technology and sustainability work hand in hand. Whether it’s new biodiesel technology that reduces emissions or software advances that eliminate paper waste, Breakell is committed to stay on the leading edge.

Backed by proven business leadership, technical proficiency and a solid business model, Breakell Inc. is positioned to take the lead in the ever-evolving construction industry, and we invite you to join us.

Breakell Inc. is committed to the success of our clients, employees and community through evolving sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship.